Hey everyone, long time no see! There’s something that I’ve learned recently that I feel could be helpful to some people, so here it is!

I found from a family friend that one of the greatest ways to accomplish something is to visualize yourself doing that thing. It’s helped me realize what I really want, and it’s challenged me to believe in myself more. Now that’s what I call next level motivation, kids.  If you want to change something in your life, visualize it, think it through, and take some action. CARPE DIEM!! So many people are too afraid to do what they want, and it dims the light of who they are. Eleanor Roosevelt said to do one thing everyday that scares you. It’s always good to do what you’re afraid of because it helps you grow, and because the sooner you realize you’re capable, the sooner you can accomplish more. Visualize yourself winning the trophy, and see yourself crossing the finish line, whatever it may be.

Additionally, taking a step back and thinking about who’s in your corner and who believes in you is key. You should never discount who lifts you up along the way, and who’s helped you reach the point of where you are now. It’s important to thank the people who support you, and let them know you’re there for them as well. Feeling gratitude for the people you love can have a huge positive effect on not only them, but you as well!

Jules x

P.S. I released a single called Something’s Different (out on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora etc.) if ya wanna go check that out ;)) Some links below!



P.P.S and here’s an awesome motivational video: