Good morning! Here’s a lil deep read for anyone who needs it, and there’s some songs at the end I thought some of you might like for summer!!

However old you are, you get this feeling. And when you get it, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, because it completely washes over you. For me, this moment was when I was 9 years old. I had just been tucked into bed, and all the lights in the house were off. Everyone was sleeping except for me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t relax. I kept tossing and turning and my mind was on overdrive, more than usual. I was picturing myself on a stage in front of thousands upon thousands of people. The idea of it made me so exhilarated that it put me on this high. And once again, I couldn’t fall asleep. But as I lay there in the dark, I knew exactly where I wanted to end up. And still to this day, that image is stuck in my head. But sometimes it gets a little blurry.

As a 14 year old does, I tend to second guess myself… a lot. Even if I can feel my dream, it doesn’t always mean I can see it. I struggle with the uncertainty of everything, and at times it can get scary and frustrating because I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there. I think we all struggle with that, but the one thing we can never do is give up. If we give up, that cuts our dream off completely. There’s no way we can create the life we want if we stop believing in ourselves, and the way I see it, giving up is never an option. You have to believe in yourself and in the others around you. Whether you’re pounding the pavement to create a business or you’re an athlete practicing day and night, you can never quit if it’s something you love and want badly enough. If you put your mind to it, it will happen. Sometimes the image isn’t clear and that’s okay, but you just have to believe. Even if no one else does.



  • All Summer Long – Kid Rock
  • Just A Friend – Biz Markie
  • Follow Me – Uncle Cracker
  • No One – Alicia Keys
  • Pontoon – Little Big Town